MUSIC / VST Instruments

Discover Erik Wøllo's music

Erik has released over 50 albums. Music that can be classified in the genres of ambient space and melodic electronic music. A true pioneer and he is always looking for new ways of expression himself.


the "Virtual Worlds" - suite
This is a suite spliced together of several short tracks that I offered as free download mp3 files from one of my previous websites. Most of the tracks are made in the late 1990ties.
The very last track in the suite is entirely made as a demo of my VST plugin synthesizers,
which I created in 2005. There are also two tracks that were automatically played as pre-loaders when visiting my website .

I recently revisited all these tracks, and I thought it was great to make them alive again!

You can download the whole suite here:
(48Khz/16bit wav, 18:35 length)

Erik Wøllo - VST instruments

Several years ago Erik made a collection of VST plug-in instruments for use in a DAW. (Windows only). They are all
available for free now. There is still a lot of interest in these, so here is the link to the plugins and download pages: