ERIK WØLLO || short biography

Erik Wøllo (born 1961) one of Norway's foremost composers, has been a professional artist since 1980. His long musical experience covers a wide range of styles from rock and jazz, to experimental electronic and classical music. He has been composing and performing music for films, theater, ballets and art exhibitions.
As well as composing for strings, woodwinds and larger orchestras. As a guitarist he has been leading his own groups, playing at clubs, concert halls and festivals in Europe, the USA and Canada.

Erik has released over 50 albums. Music that can be classified in the genres of space, drone, new age, and electronic music. A true pioneer and always looking for new ways of expression himself, he was one of the very first Norwegian composers who adapted minimalism in his work in the 1980ties. Through his many successful album releases, he has gained a worldwide recognition for his unique sound and style.

Using guitar as the primary instrument in a highly imaginary and emotional music, building a bridge between
grand symphonic realms and gentle, minimal and serene atmospheres. Monumental musical statements ranging from slowly-drifting kaleidoscopic passages, epic soaring guitar melancholy, upbeat ever-changing sequenced cycles, and charismatic compelling melodies. Possessing a sense of drama and storytelling, his compositions continues to explore and expand upon his 35 years of musical experience.

His music reflects the musical currents of our time while offering the listener a highly original and exciting sonic experience.Erik Wøllo has collaborated and released well known album works together with some of the most respected and legendary artists in the ambient music world: Steve Roach, Michael Stearns, Ian Boddy, Byron Metcalf, Bernhard Wöstheinrich and several others.

He has received the Schallwelle Award in Germany for "Revolve", for best Ambient album in 2023 (together with Ian Boddy).

"Norwegian Erik Wøllo is one of the most consistent artists recording today. One of the things I like most about his work is how he has a trademark "sound" which is recognizable, but yet he never overtly repeats himself. Only the best artists can accomplish this over time and he does it with apparent ease".
- Bill Binkelman, Zone Music Reporter.

"Erik Wøllo manages to synthesize influences from Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd to Steve Reich and modern electronica. But as one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary instrumental music, he's truly morphed these sounds into a image-evoking modality that is wholly his own."
- John Diliberto, Echoes Radio

Member of NOPA and Norwegian Society of Composers (NSC).
Publishing through BMI (USA/Canada) and TONO (rest of the world).

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