October 14 2014:
Release of "Weltenuhr", a new full length album together with Bernhard Wöstheinrich. This is our second
album together, and it will be released on DiN Records (UK). Electronic ambient music, with vocals by Elke
Marleen Schumacher. More information and sound excerpts here

July 22 2014:
Release of my new Mini album/EP called "TUNDRA". 30 minutes of brand new music! Available on CD and
as digital download. More information and sound excerpts here Youtube video with excerpts here
Digital download:
Amazon iTunes Bandcamp (high res FLAC)

June 11 2014:
A new and special remastered edition of my classic album "TRACES" from 1985 is released on Spotted Peccary
Music as a stand alone release. Previously only available as part of an exclusive three-disc set from 2012,
this special remastered edition is now available on its own, as a single CD. For the first time ever as a
download in CD quality lossless, as well as 24-bit High Resolution Studio Master.
Available from: Spotted Peccary Music iTunes

"SOLSTICE", another classic album from 1992, was re-released last December

April 02 2014:
Release of "EC12", a new full length digital download album together with Ian Boddy. This is a live recording
from the Electronic Circus festival in Gutersloh (Germany) in 2012. We performed material from our "Frontiers"
album and 3 new previously unreleased tracks. For more information and sound excerpts

Available as digital download:
iTunes Amazon Bandcamp (high res FLAC)

Youtube video from the live performance

February 04 2014:
Release of my new album "TIMELINES". This is my 18th full length solo album, and it is released on
Projekt Records (USA). A journey of electronic music performed on a wide variety of synthesizers, guitars and
percussion. Nine brand new tracks of warm, epic and shimmering cycles of memorable ambient melodic music!
Here is a short video on Youtube with excerpts Official Youtube video of "Visions"

Available as CD and digital download:
iTunes Amazon Bandcamp Projekt Records

"TIMELINES" has been chosen as February's CD-of-the-month on Echoes Radio, USA!
Here is a great review by John Diliberto

Interview about the album in Ambient Visions