July 22 2014:
Release of my new Mini album/EP called "TUNDRA". 30 minutes of brand new music! Available on CD and
as digital download. More information and sound excerpts here Youtube video with excerpts here
Digital download:
Amazon iTunes Bandcamp (high res FLAC)

June 11 2014:
A new and special remastered edition of my classic album "TRACES" from 1985 is released on Spotted Peccary
Music as a stand alone release. Previously only available as part of an exclusive three-disc set from 2012,
this special remastered edition is now available on its own, as a single CD. For the first time ever as a
download in CD quality lossless, as well as 24-bit High Resolution Studio Master.
Available from: Spotted Peccary Music iTunes

"SOLSTICE", another classic album from 1992, was re-released last December

April 02 2014:
Release of "EC12", a new full length digital download album together with Ian Boddy. This is a live recording
from the Electronic Circus festival in Gutersloh (Germany) in 2012. We performed material from our "Frontiers"
album and 3 new previously unreleased tracks. For more information and sound excerpts

Available as digital download:
iTunes Amazon Bandcamp (high res FLAC)

Youtube video from the live performance

February 04 2014:
Release of my new album "TIMELINES". This is my 18th full length solo album, and it is released on
Projekt Records (USA). A journey of electronic music performed on a wide variety of synthesizers, guitars and
percussion. Nine brand new tracks of warm, epic and shimmering cycles of memorable ambient melodic music!
Here is a short video on Youtube with excerpts Official Youtube video of "Visions"

Available as CD and digital download:
iTunes Amazon Bandcamp Projekt Records

"TIMELINES" has been chosen as February's CD-of-the-month on Echoes Radio, USA!
Here is a great review by John Diliberto

Interview about the album in Ambient Visions